for iPhone/iPad

Price: US$ 2.99


for Mac

Price: US$ 2.99


for Windows

Price: US$ 2.99

soon available as Download

Animalis is for breeders (private and/or professional), farmers, animal organizations and veterinarians – or any other people that like to keep all informations about their animals at one place – with access at any time and everywhere !You can manage all details like name, date of birth, color, marks, parents and so on, as well as the complete medical history, finances according the animals, and general notes (something you need to keep in mind).
This way you have all necessary details always in your pocket – it doesn’t matter where you are !

At the moment, Animalis is available for the following systems:

  • iPad (needs iOS 7.0 or newer)

Future versions will be released for

  • iPhone
  • Mac OsX
  • Windows

As well with Animalis it is possible to sync all the data – with this feature you can do the work with your iPad or desktop pc, but have all the details with you in your phone without entering them twice !

To work with more that one person at the same time will be possible with one of the next versions !

A short overview about the features you can find here.

Feature requests or ideas and comments are always welcome and can be send by mail to Andreas Bolt, in our forum or using our contact form !

If you have any question, try to find the answer in our FAQ section or contact us !