Animals – Features


Overview of all animals

Animal-overviewThis site shows all animals, entered in the database, grouped by categories.A searchbar allows to search by criterias (like part of name/mark, sold/died, female/male).The categories can be changed or new categories can be added in the settings.

Animal details

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The first page shows all the general details of an animal.If the parents of this animal are selected from the database, it is posisble to create a family-tree (coming in one of the next versions).Here you can generate a PDF report of all details and the medical history.The second page shows the medical history of the animal.For each entry it is possible to create a reminder, to get notifiied for example to refresh the vaccination.These reminders will be stored in the general device calendar, to be notified even if the app doesn’t run !On the third page you can enter general notes for this animal. It is a simple textfield, so you can enter any type of text.

PDF-Report of an animal

Animal-details-reportThis page generates a report with all general data and the medical history of the animal.This report can pe send by mail, forwarded to other apps (capable of handling PDF) or printed (if a AirPrint compatbile printer is available).This button is not available while adding a new animal !


In the finance view you can enter income and outcome according to the animals.The upper section gives a small overview about income and outcome in the selected period.Each entry can be assigned to a category, so it is possible to generate reports for categories (reports are coming in one of the next versions).

General Notes

In the notes section, you can enter general notes. These notes are not assigned to an animal !For each entry it is posisble to add an reminder to get notified, if this is necessary (for example to call the veterinary, order food, …).If an entry is marked as done, it will not show up in the list until you select “Show all” !


Synchronization with Dropbox

Here you can select to synchronize all the data with Dropbox (including pictures !).

The big advantage of synchronization is, that the complete database with all pictures is available on all devices assigned to the Dropbox account !

This means, you can enter/edit the data on your iPad or Mac computer, but it will be also available on your iPhone !

ATTENTION: Synchronizing with Dropbox is not recommended if you want to work from more than one device AT THE SAME TIME ! This can destroy your database !

This feature will be available with one of the next versions !

Managing categories

Here you can change the categories, or add new categories.

It is possible to add as much categories as you want ! (for example sub races like cat/main coone, dog/dogge, …)

ATTENTION: Changing existing categories will effect already existing entries as well !

This also happens, if you delete a category !