We are happy to announce our new offline blogging app for WordPress !

Reduced price during BETA test !

Get it now !

If you are interested in trying out Bloggy, you can get a free trial here !

If you are blogging with WordPress, Bloggy has everything you need !

  • write your articles offline !
  • import the images of the blogs media library and use them !
  • read, manage and reply to comments !
  • edit existing posts !
  • manage your media files (tag them, full-text-search) !
  • add as many blogs as you want !
  • set an image as post thumbnail !

Bloggy uses TinyMCE as editor, so you should “feel at home” right from the beginning !

bloggy-media-libraryWith our media library it is easy to manage all your images you need for your articles !

  • Tag them so you can find the easily
  • Search for tags/title/alt texts or descriptions
  • Filter by tag

If you want to insert an image in your article, the media library shows up. Select the image you want to use and it will be inserted with the default size set in the preferences and with the title, alt text and description set in the library !


editor-light-fulleditor-dark-fullUse the “Full-Width-Mode” if you need more space for your article.
Simply click on the button to switch between normal and full mode !

If you prefer the night mode, easily switch between the modes by one click !

Also you are able to change the font and the font size used by the editor !

If one of the pre-defined fonts doesn’t fit your needs, define your own (using standard css rules for font-family) !

Even the font size is most flexible ! 24 pixel is not enough ?

Enter whatever font size you need and the Editor will switch to this size !


 Insert images or YouTube videos. Bloggy tries to make it as easy as possible !

Adjust the size, set the alignment, define the link (you can choose between no link, link to the image itself or an external link), and set title and alt text.

Even image editing (cropping, apply filters) will come in one of the next beta versions !


Images are not enough ? You need to add some YouTube videos ?

Press the video button in the toolbar and you can specify an YouTube URL or ID, set the size of the video to insert and the alignment.

Click on Insert – that’s it !


 What else ?

Currently Bloggy is available as BETA version – which means it is still not ready and new features are coming periodically.

Until we release the final version, the discounted price is US$ 10.- !

Start blogging with Bloggy now !

After we released Version 1.0, the price will be US$ 15.-.

As we are trying to build “the very best” blogging app for Mac’s, feel free to tell us what you are missing ! We will definitely dive into your ideas !