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for Mac

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for Windows

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You always wanted to have collected all your recipes in one place?

Access from Anywhere, anytime, whether on the iPad or the iPhone?

Already been in the supermarket and forget the shopping list?

Then Herdland is the solution!

Manage your recipes, expand your collection through downloadable packages (partly for fee) and complete the collection by your own recipes!

  • The ingredients of a recipe can be automatically added to a shopping list!
  • Recipes can be sent as PDF to share it with a friend!
  • Create an unlimited number of shopping lists and sync them across multiple devices!
  • No matter who adds somethign to a list or change it, all linked devices are kept at the same level!

Synchronisation takes place over a Dropbox account (free account is sufficient!).

Included in the purchase price are 3 packages with 5 recipes (bread recipes for the baking machine, Non-alcoholic cocktails, barbecue recipes).

Further, also free, packets will follow!

A brief overview of the features is available here.

Suggestions, Feature requests and new ideas are always welcome and can be submitted either via email to Andreas Bolt or through the contact form!